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Wood Burners

The largest range of wood burners in the Horowhenua.

Throughout history, the woodfire has been significant to all of us as a source of heating, a means for cooking and the center of many families and communities.

Nothing beats the crackle and roar of a wood-burning fire!

With fuel sources becoming scarce and costs rising, wood-burning fires are now the future of sustainable, cost effective home heating.

Wood burners give a warm, dry natural heat to provide comfortable and cosy living.

With the largest range of wood burners in the Horowhenua, Hall of Flame is your heating company to call when you require an expert supply and installation service.

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Reap the benefits of a new wood burner in your home

Instead of just heating one room, wood burners are designed to heat your entire home.

Your wood burner will be relatively cheap to run – you can even have close to zero running costs if you have easy access to free fire wood.

As well as heating your home, you also have the option of water heating and cook-top to further save on costs.

What is a Wetback?

Did you know that the average household’s power bill is 47% spent on hot water? A chilling thought indeed!

A wetback system uses your wood burner to heat the hot water for your home. The size of wetback required will be determined by the size of your household and demand for the hot water.

Other home heating options to consider are pellet fires and outdoor fireplaces – great for entertaining!

Free standing wood burners

Never has adding the value, beauty and warmth of a roaring fire to your home been so easy!

An attractive, free standing design means that your fire can be positioned to fit your home and lifestyle.

In-built wood burners

Our in-built wood burners fit seamlessly into both traditional and new homes – maximising space and heat efficiency.

Ultra low emission rates means our in-built wood burners exceed even the strictest environmental regulations.

Benefits of heating your home with a quality woodburner

  • Cheapest method of home heating (Proven by Consumer Magazine)
  • Alternative source for heating water and cooking
  • Better for the environment
  • Places less demand on the national grid
  • Great addition to your disaster plan
  • Fireplaces are romantic – try turning the lights down low in front of a heat pump!

Your heating needs are in expert hands

All of our installers are qualified through the New Zealand Home Heating Association, and have extensive years of experience in the industry.

We cover all aspects of the installation process – from free in house quotes to finding the most suitable fire to match your needs and budget.

Our customer focused approach ensures fast, reliable and friendly services, no matter what home heating option you require.

100% satisfaction guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is provided with all our work, as we want you to be completely satisfied with both the service and product you receive in your home.

If there’s ever a problem with the service you receive, please call one of our heating specialists, and we’ll find a solution for the problem at hand.