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Product Information

Product Category:

Free Standing


Custom Colours, Optional Wetback, Cooktop

Room Size:

Medium, Large




Fundamentally, the Pyroclassic IV is a heat store – a VERY good one!

With more than 40kgs of ceramic heat storage capacity, it has the ability to recover masses of excess heat generated by a hot, bright fire inside its thick cylindrical fire chamber. It is this heat storage capacity that gives the Pyroclassic IV its ability to release heat into your home all night, every night..

Other than the turboslide, the Pyroclassic IV’s air controls are fully automatic. This means the fire controls the rate at which oxygen is supplied to the wood fuel, allowing it to maintain the right burn temperatures for a complete secondary combustion (gasification). This process ensures the glass stays clean right throughout the burn cycle. If you were manually able to dampen the fire down, like with most other wood fires, this is when the real harm is done to the environment as tars and poisonous unburnt gasses are released into the air.

The cleanest fire approved by all councils throughout New Zealand.

The Pyroclassic has the ability to provide a genuine overnight burn*, even with a wetback installed. This is due to its long ‘north-south’ oriented construction, allowing logs over 400mm long to be placed inside the fire chamber. The overnight burn is achieved by controlling the rate at which the wood fuel is consumed, to ensure the optimum burn environment is maintained at all times. If you are using a good, dry hardwood log, the reload times will be in excess of a couple of hours and depending on the heat output required, can be much longer.

The Pyroclassic IV can be fitted with a high output wetback, which can provide up to 3.7kW of hot water for all your domestic needs. This is located in the upper chamber of the fire so it sits clear of the combustion zones and receives the full heat of the gases once they have gone through the secondary combustion phase.

The Pyroclassic IV has a 10mm thick steel top plate which provides an excellent surface for cooking. You can boil the kettle, slow cook the casserole and even bake bread. To increase the versatility of the cook top plate you can purchase the cooktop oven, which comes with a handy trivet and embroidered oven mitt.




Est. peak output

>15kW incl.Flue

Fire Chamber volume

Useable volume 20.8 litres


800oC to 1100oC

Useful heat output

2kW to 8kW

Air control

Primary & secondary, fully automatic

Start up control

Manually adjustable Turboslide

Cooktop area

0.26m2 - 10mm thick plate

Flue Diameter

100mm standard (4”)